February – Part 2

⬆⬆⬆ Check out this new build in Clolumbia, TN! Great finishes and plenty of space for the whole family! And you know me, I love that outdoor space! Great deck for an outdoor dining table or some lounge furniture.

⬆⬆⬆ I’m really in love with the location and land on this next house. Located in College Grove, TN on 17 acres of land! Super beautiful, and the house is lovely. Plenty of space but there’s room to expand the attic and create more! I like the 2 separate back patios, but I’d probably expand them a little 😉

February – Part 1

For part one I want to highlight a new luxury build in sought after private community in Franklin. I don’t often see new builds happening in this neighborhood so this is kind of exciting. All the existing homes here are beautiful, and this one definitely stands out with it’s modern take on the cottage style.

This second home is located in Nashville, and it’s not quite a rowhome because it’s not directly connected to the home next to it and it’s much bigger, but I don’t really know what this style of home is called! 3 stories with an awesome view from the 3rd story balcony. I see a lot of these homes popping up in Nashville, and they’ve got something to offer the young power couple who likes to entertain.

January – Renovated & New Construction

We’re up to January now, see I’m getting caught up 😋. This first home is a new build located in Lebanon, TN right next to the Cumberland River. Lebanon was once considered to be the “country” but has been growing steadily over the past few years with lots of beautiful new builds like this one. I really love the wood beams in the dining room and the layout of the whole house. Most of the rooms are tucked away from the living space which makes it really private, and creates interest.

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This Second home was a renovation which, I totally love. Originally the back of the house where the master bedroom is now, was basically one large den. They walled it off and made a hallway to create the master suite which looks great! I also love how they’ve created an open concept while still maintaining a degree of separation by placing the dining room between the living room and kitchen. Great job!

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November Part 2 – New Builds and Commercial Property

The real estate market here in Nashville (and Middle TN) has had a flood of great new builds. That can be a good thing or bad thing depending on how you look at it. The upside is that there’s more choices and we’re meeting the demand for the near 100 people that move to Nashville and Middle TN every day. Now if you’re a native born Nashvillian – you might say “there’s too many people moving here!” and, you might be right, but you can’t stop change. It will come as surely as the seasons and twice as quick. So let’s embrace it and make the best of it!

Two of the homes I’ve posted below are a couple of the new builds that popped up last year in Murfreesboro, which were built on neighboring properties. I’m a sucker for nature so the thing I love about this first home is it was built up against a patch of woodland goodness. I was also digging the layout of this home, the spacious master bedroom and the fact that all but one room was connected to a bathroom. We love having our families visit us, and a guest bedroom with an attached bathroom would be very convenient.

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What I love about this second home, is the kitchen is rather spacious – no more bumping into your spouse every time you both enter the kitchen! Which is indeed an issue that my husband and I have. I really like the extra living space that’s off the end of the kitchen, something about it just feels so cozy. I can picture myself cuddling up on the couch in that room for some crocheting or a movie with the family. Lastly I like that the bonus room upstairs has a mini wet bar – I could definitely get some use out of something like that.

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The third property I’m posting isn’t a home at all, but a commercial property that we photographed for one of our best clients. She recently moved her office to Smyrna, TN and the renovation turned out fantastic. Looks like a  pleasant place to work!

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Photographs and Video by Nashville Real Estate Photography, LLC.