Catching Up

It’s been so long! Forgive me, I’m sorry. We’ve been so busy with work which is a good thing, but I let the time slip away. Now I’m trying to play catch up and share all the wonderful homes we’ve been photographing this past year. You know, I truly enjoy photographing interiors and architecture. We put a lot of love into our work. I know to some people it may just look like boring old real estate photography (although I hope not!) but this is something my partner and I find a lot of joy in. We really try to bring a fresh perspective to the industry – for a long time it’s been filled with a lot of HDR processing which I find really tiring and old. No offense if you’re a fan of that, but I am not. My passion is editorial photography so I approach real estate with that in mind. Although there’s really only so far you can go with real estate before you’re not really meeting the purpose of it anymore. Which is why one of my goals this year is to attract more editorial work, along with continuing to meet and exceed our real estate client’s expectations.


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